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Flea Market Operator Prospers with Triton ATMs.

There was a time when independent retailers didn't give ATMs a second thought. Today, flea market owners see ATMs as indispensable.++ read more

An ATM has become de rigueur for a convenience store

“First and foremost, ATMs are for the convenience of our customers,” said Steve Lévesque, with Alimentation Couche-Tard, Canada. ++ read more

ATMs at Oregon DMV offices help customers speed through the line.

Each day, hundreds of customers at Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Service Division offices can take care of their business in just one visit. ++ read more

Securing ATMs with Software: Five Strategies

Encryption protocols and remote key management are just two of the tools deployers can use to protect themselves from breaches. ++ read more

Triton VersaSafes on ATMGurus

The VersaSafe® is a remarkably fast, secure and accurate vault deposit system for cash-intensive businesses. It is the most intelligent means to track, store and balance multiple cash sales.

Retailers would rather spend less time counting money and more time on the sales floor. Help them automate the cash trail and increase productivity with the VersaSafe®. They can quickly and accurately secure cash and dramatically reduce both internal and external theft, while optimizing armored car carrier visits.

The VersaSafe® can pay for itself in no time through these efficiencies and also via provisional credit. With provisional credit, once deposits are made into the smart safe, data is transmitted to the financial institution or armored car carrier. Then provisional credit is extended while the funds are still physically at the retailer, allowing much quicker access to the funds. Buy one today!